Saturday, December 29, 2012

Best wishes for New Year 2013 and new dimension!

In the new year 2013
In new dimension
We wish you all:
Happiness, Peace, Love and Freedom
We wish you, that together we would change climate for better.
We wish you that all people and animals would be free from cruelty,
deportation, prejudices, exploitation and all other bad things.
We wish you, that You would fulfil your
Good dreams .
We wish you successful actions
We wish you life satisfaction
wish You, that you will do everything to realize those dreams.
That You will never give up in the fight for them.
That You would always seek that, they became true.
If You will do, we believe that  You would achieve a beautiful victory.

You would win yourselves.
The biggest changes are beginning from the single being.

Changing ourselves
The longest way starts with the first step.
That's what we wish You.
Changing Your universes for better.
After would be easier.
And mostly we wish You a lot of Love.
Because Love is the most beautiful thing in the universe
The biggest power, what would conquer all
We wish You that You would realize that.
You would use it, You would learn about it,
You would love and You would be loved.
Start with Yourself, then beloved, family, friends
Don't stop here
Let Love spread and develop,

Love Your neighbours and other people
And not only people,
Love Animals and all living being
Love our planet, take care
It's Your home. Your health depends from it.
Everything is interconnected.
As more You love as
more You are  loved.
As more You give as more You get.
We wish You to realize that.
We wish You that You will study most important thing

Study the Love, source of Life...
They are many things You can learn what would benefit You
Tantra, sexual tao,kamasutra others
Ancient teachings secret and sacred.
Now they are open for all not just for the elites
Don't miss this chance and privilege.

We wish to You to learn how to Love

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Dimension party,cinema and tantra workshops.

"Action is the language of awakened self"
In this special day 21.12.12 we would like to invite You to activities to bring change in You,Us, your surrounding,neighbourhood and whole world
New Dimension Party; action is the language of the awakened self
15-19 tantra practice workshops (by appointment)
19 kundalini yoga meditation (world wide)
20 raw potluck; sharing raw vegan organic food
21 dancing time
Non-stop inspiring cinema all night
Smoke and alcohol free. 33 people max

Inspiring Cinema program
Fourth World War
Mother Earth
Battle for Seattle
Any suggestions ?
The list is not closed yet so as far the movie is inspiring bring it with You and let us know it to put it in the definite program.
Between we will play best inspiring reports from Spirit Of Squatters Collective about environment, occupy, human rights, animal rights, refugees,
squatting etc. etc.

You can join the event at fb
Friday at 15:00 until Saturday at 03:00
Address: Livornostraat 33 (1st floor) Aanmelden via:
For more info check:

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kundalini yoga classes

One of the task what i have to do during my study for Kundalini teacher is to teach as many people as possible. In that way i will get experience by sharing my knowledge. I do lessons every day so You can join me whenever You like.

"Sexual energy is one of the most powerful forms of energy. Kundalini yoga was developed to raise sexual energy to the higher chakras, transforming it into spiritual energy and preparing us for higher levels of consciousness and vibrant health. Come!"
Regardless of your level of experience, come to have a great workout, learn the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and develop your inner strength, balance, potency and potentiality through the yoga and meditations!   Bring comfortable clothes and a friend(if You like).  Everything else will be provided. Contact to figure time what would be best in what day.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tantra practice workshops invitation

Now letter to our students is forwarded also to You. Use it,don't loose it :)

Dear all!
We are starting to share practice part of our workshop more widely. So as far as You showed interest before we would like to inform You and eventually involve You in the lessons. Preferable we would like work with the couples. If You don't have partner for the time of the lessons You can match with someone who also doesn't.
Especially within the spontaneous couples ( but not only ) we expect from people to learn respect their own and their partners barriers and limitations. In this matched for purpose of the training couples, our goal is that even person who have lover, who do not attend to the lessons, would fill comfortable (and their lover either). Of course we don't mind ( we even like it ;) if people who are free after or during the training would form relationship.
There is also option of teaching people as single if this feels best for them.

Every lessons may involve 3 ha of exercises what You can follow later at home and /or in Your daily life. Special programs could be discussed.
We would like to do the lessons in our lovely home ( west Amsterdam ) and we are ready to start even from next week. Tell us what do You think, how You would like to see that, what are Your feelings and expectations. Tell us also Your time schedule that we can choose the best time. And as wee said we are flexible to Your expectations. Do not hesitate to contact/ask the questions. Hopefully to hear from You as soon as possible

Lots of love and energy!

more information You can always find here: