Wednesday, September 25, 2013

10 Days Crash Course in Basic School of Tantra starts next week

Crash Course as whole is created in the way that You would go deep in Your inner ecstasy, bliss and healing.
Are You ready for the biggest change in Your life ? Go for intensive transformation of Love to the higher levels.
Check update,join and invite Your friends here: The workshops are from 30.9.13 - 3.10.13 and 7.10.13 - 10.10.13 (monday - thursday) from 16.30 till 20.00 at Spaarndammerstraat 43
and 4.10.13 and 11.10.13 ( fridays ) from 17.00 - 20.00 at Meerhuizenplein 11

List of the workshops:
1. Consciousness. Being here and now.
2. Love Yourself - recognising Your inner lover
3. Sacred energy
4. Journey to Awaken the Senses
5  Male and female energy
6. Face Your shadow, work with Your Ego
7. Dance with tantra
8. Sacred Sexuality
9. Preparing for awakening Kundalini
10.Tantric massage

What You can expect
Its going to  be a bit of everything: 
- meditations
- working with energy
- massage
- dancing
- relaxations
- breathing
- working together in the couples
- lot of exercises, (also from kundalini Yoga)
- getting deep in to Yourself
- deepening connections within You and others
- learning respecting the limits of others and Your own...
- ... but also opening and expanding Yourself
- working on all aspects of our life, accepting them
- balancing female and male energies
- working on the chakras
- open communication 
- sexual tao
- healing Your past and healing Your body techniques.
- expanding Your ecstasy to higher parts of Your body and to other parts of Your life 
- a bit of theory how You can improve Your life.
- lots of love
-...and a lot of  more...
We start with the attitude that lessons are in clothes on -> followed by Your home work with clothes off. Of course this may hopefully change depends from energy of the group...
We create the place where everyone will fill comfortable and save.

Finishing the course is honoured with the certificate what would open the door for your further experience and education. 

The costs of 10 workshops is only € 250 "The more you give, the more you get" So You are very welcome to pay more if You can afford that. However, if the price is too much for You,contact us, and we will find a solution to make it affordable for you too.

Michal Marek Griks

Edyta Baghira


Contact for more details, 
don't hesitate to ask the questions

best at Open Night Tantra party this saturday (28.9.13) or

or check latest updates at:

For those who are more curious, we are showing invitations what we used in the last year in the Basic School of Tantra. Of course we are flexible, we grow up, so there would be changes what depend from energy of the group, our feelings, progress etc.

Journey to Awaken the Senses
Listen to the quiet whispers of your own body.  Shhhh.....
When we fully experience our senses, we enter into the heart, into love with existence. And instead of thinking about and analysing the world, we love it, we feel it, we become a part of it. We experience the bliss, ecstasy and deep fulfilment that can come to us through our senses.
To practise this, we do a ritual that awakens each sense in turn and allow ourselves to absorb this bliss in our hearts. This is a totally yummy, luscious and deep meditation that touches the body, heart and soul. For anyone who wants to expand the experience of their senses or use the body as a gateway to the self. Done to each other it is great way to connect and feel gratitude and more love, sympathy to Your partner. It bring a child in us, a child who is playing in the adult games of love... ;)
Male and female energy
Nowadays not so many people are aware that within us exist male and female energy. Doesn't matter what sex we are, from balance of those energies depends our health, our contentment, our happiness and fulfilment in our relationships.
At this workshop we would met our inner woman and man within us. We would recognise their energies. We would hear from them how is to live with us, what are their needs, what are concerns. How we can improve their (our) life...
Besides of that we would learn differences between male and female bodies. We would learn how to approach them in the way that beautiful sexual energy of love would flow freely, would be not forced or imposed on someone or blocked by some wrong behaviour.
Introduction to tantra workshop/lecture with focus on health and body
Do You know that tantra and sexual Tao can improve Your health ? Do You know that people who practice tantra look younger and live longer ? Did You heard about reflexology of the genitals ?
Do You know that Taoists doctors beside of herbs and acupuncture are prescribing particular sexual position to heal different diseases ? Do You know that, by stimulating G point and other parts of Your body, You can heal bad past, sexual memories ? Do You know that training PC muscle can give You more health and sexual benefits that any other muscle ? What food is beneficial for healthy, sexual life ?
Do You like to know more ? Come to introduction to tantra workshop/lecture where You can learn not only theory but also practical exercises, what would give You energy, what in simple way would improve Your health and all other aspects of Your life. 
Sacred Sexuality workshop this saturday in Basic School of Tantra
At this workshop we would go for a journey to the past to heal our memories mainly connected to our sexuality. We live in the society where very often sex is considered as something bad, dirty, what develop guild and shame in us. We going to heal our wounds in intention to bring sacredness and pride to genital parts of our bodies and to whole concept of sex in our life. We going to free ourselves from stereotypes what are holding our love. 
Breathing in Shiva Shakti position.
On this workshop we would share with You the magic essence of tantra. We would teach You different ways of breathing together, and we will do it in the most tantric position Shiva Shakti, (also called Open Lotus or Yab Yum ) where the partners bodies are fully connected on all levels (chakras). This close connection harmonise our energies what connecting us even more. But harmonising and connecting become even greater through breathing together. When we alternate breath we can awake in us energy of elements what we want to: earth, water, air, fire… Instead of loosing sexual energy we bringing her to higher parts of ourselves : to heart -> we become more loving, to the throat -> we become more communicative, to the head -> we become more creative. Beside of that through that exercise we also balancing our male and female energies not only in ourselves but also in our relationship. We create great union not only between partners but also with nature and whole universe. Now come to transform those words into the real experience

This workshop is like usual as well for singles as for couples -> for everyone

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Open Night Tantra Party and Taste of Tantra workshop as beginning of new year in Basic School of Tantra.

Open Night Tantra Party from 20.30 till ?
Let Yourself to flow with the wave of loving hearts.
We invite You to open Your mind, 
to join us and enjoy magic energetic dance, blissful meditation, taste sensuality and lively pleasure.
There are waiting for You nice surprises of entering in to the tantric alchemy...

Taste of Tantra. Introduction to practice workshop from 19.00 till 20.30 
At this workshop we give small examples of simple, save exercises, what You can continue later with Your partner or alone. Everyone who would follow instructions from this introduction may already diametrically improve her/his life.
At this introduction We let You taste what tantra is , what we teach at whole course in Basic School of Tantra. A little bit of everything... what would build nice energy for party what would follow...

Costs 10 E per person or 15 E per couple

Meerhuizenplein 11 Amsterdam
Saturday 28.09.2013 19.00 - ?

More informations, update and more You will find at

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Basic School of Tantra. How it works ? How You could help ? Ideals. Discounts...

Both of us gave up our well paid works, positions and dedicated whole our life to spread love  and tantra.

Joining us, helping us in all possible way is more than appreciated. There is always plenty things to do and together we are stronger.

Tantra is the way of experience, so the way to learn about it is to feel, to see, to touch it by yourself. That's why there is so many of paths of tantra as many people are connected to that. We like that You would not follow our teaching but that You would find Your own experience. That's why we involve other teachers in to our school even not always we are completely agreeing with them. We like You to see wider spectrum of tantra than only our own. We do not want to create just another business but we dream about something more. The school is the first step in to creating the movement based on love. We need You to do it with us.

That's why we would like to come closer to You in the way that the relation of teaching and studying would loose its hierarchy. That's why we would like that some of You would not find the way of expanding only personal but also the worlds consciousness, happiness, love…

How You could help?

  1. Help us to find students. As more people, we are able to teach than more love we could spread. This is the best what we (You) could share and this we love to do even more. We believe than involving, inviting more people to the school is some times best gift what You could do for them, us and humanity, so plz. be active on that: spread the message, invite Your friends verbally but also through facebook, social media, internet, by spreading the leaflets etc. Our invitations, we do in that way, that even if people after reading would not decide to come for a workshop they would already benefit from reading good energy of love what we put in to  our message J
  2. However more happiness in Your eyes, more love in Your life, better world is always most important and best payment for us, somehow we have to survive in this material world. Even our teachings are on high level, we choose our prices as most affordable for people also with the small income. However if Your income is not small plz choose option of paying double, triple etc. This will help us to invest in to progress with the school. How You may know us we are not kind of consumerists people but those who would "buy time" to do good things, so You could be sure that Your money would go for a good cause. And don't forget the low of universe "As more You give, as more You get"
  3. Give us ideas for anything like better promotion, organising introduction workshops, new places, improving the school, contacting new interesting teachers, people etc…
  4. Be creative: if You see that You could help us in any other way ( www. Language, promotion etc. ) to improve our Basic School of Tantra don't hesitate to contact us and just do it.


Our ideals are that, the school would be affordable for all. However we believe that for good flow of energy is better to let it exchange -> so contact us as sooner as better to find best way to contribute in other way, to help us and to find the best solution for all of us.


Is that all ? Not, but feel welcome in our Basic School of Tantra. 

To be continued...

Michal Marek Griks and Edyta Baghira

 Hermaphrodite 376px 298x300 Shamballa Tantra Couples Retreat: March 18 22 2013 (Mon Fri)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Basic School of Tantra at the Tantra Festival in Rotterdam !

Yes! We did it :)
We made in to one of the biggest tantric event in this country...
We going to give Taste of Tantra workshop and maybe some other

Taste of Tantra. Introduction to practice
"One gram of practice is worth more than 1000 of theory" ...but only when You do it... So use it don't loose it.

At this workshop we give small examples of simple, save exercises, what You can continue later with Your partner or alone. Everyone who would follow instructions from this introduction may already diametrically improve her/his life.

At this introduction We let You taste what tantra is , what we teach at whole course in Basic School of Tantra. A little bit of everything:
Sexual meditation, recognising and training the pc muscle, open communication, awakening the senses, breathing together in Shiva Shakti position...

About us:

We are tantric couple, who's destiny become to share tantra. We recognised our sexual powers are the most efficient ( for us ) ways to improve our self esteem, physical and mental health, intimate relationship, love ( also to Yourself ), our energy and all other aspects of life... Then we asked ourselves :
Why if love is most important in majority of humanity there in still not place for that important feeling in peoples education. This gap we would like feel in by establishing Basic School of Tantra and by teaching there.

 Love and light .

 Edyta Weber and Michal Marek Griks

Basic School Of Tantra 

And here about festival copied and pasted from here :

Zaterdag 2 november 2013: het tiende tantrafestival

Het tantrafestival is een jaarlijks terugkerende unieke kans om kennis te maken met de verschillende vormen van tantra, biodanza, e.d. zoals die op dit moment in Nederland gegeven worden. 

Het festival biedt kennismaking en inspiratie, maar ook op vernieuwing en verdieping. Een kans om te proeven van de verschillende vormen van tantra en dergelijke. Dat betekent ook dat de sfeer en de inhoud van de workshops heel verschillend kan zijn. Soms is het meer gericht op spiritualiteit en meditatie, soms meer op intimiteit en seksuele energie, soms beide. Wel houden alle begeleiders er rekening mee dat het een laagdrempelige dag is waar iedereen ontspannen mee kan doen met de activiteiten.

Er zijn 32 workshops in acht zalen. De afgelopen jaren was het festival uitverkocht met 220 deelnemers en 40 trainers.
De inschrijving start om 11:45 uur, de eerste workshop is van 13:00 uur tot 14:45 uur, de tweede van 15:15 tot 17:00 uur. Van 17:00 uur tot 19:00 uur is het diner. De volgende workshops zijn van 19:00 uur tot 20:45 uur van 21:15 uur tot 23.00.

Het festival wordt georganiseerd door Jan den Boer, hij zal samen met zijn vrouw Caroline ook twee workshops geven.
Het programma wordt verder gevuld door zowel bekende als minder bekende namen uit de Nederlandse wereld van tantra, en mogelijk ook enkele buitenlandse tantratrainers.

Het festival kost € 45, een eventueel diner kost € 10 extra.

Het concept programma is waarschijnlijk bekend op 10 september a.s. en wordt kort daarna op deze website geplaatst.
Als je je aanmeldt krijg je ongeveer een week tevoren het entreebewijs, het definitieve programma en de zaalindeling per mail.

Wil je je aanmelden voor het tantrafestival 2013? Dat kan via dit formulier

Hieronder kun je al een voorproefje krijgen met het programma van vorig jaar.

Het negende tantrafestival, dat werd gehouden op zaterdag 3 november 2012 in Centrum Djoj in Rotterdam, was weer een succes. Het aantal deelnemers was ook bij deze editie weer maximaal; het festival was opnieuw uitverkocht.

Hier vind je nog het programma van het tantrafestival 2012.