Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tantra practice workshops invitation

Now letter to our students is forwarded also to You. Use it,don't loose it :)

Dear all!
We are starting to share practice part of our workshop more widely. So as far as You showed interest before we would like to inform You and eventually involve You in the lessons. Preferable we would like work with the couples. If You don't have partner for the time of the lessons You can match with someone who also doesn't.
Especially within the spontaneous couples ( but not only ) we expect from people to learn respect their own and their partners barriers and limitations. In this matched for purpose of the training couples, our goal is that even person who have lover, who do not attend to the lessons, would fill comfortable (and their lover either). Of course we don't mind ( we even like it ;) if people who are free after or during the training would form relationship.
There is also option of teaching people as single if this feels best for them.

Every lessons may involve 3 ha of exercises what You can follow later at home and /or in Your daily life. Special programs could be discussed.
We would like to do the lessons in our lovely home ( west Amsterdam ) and we are ready to start even from next week. Tell us what do You think, how You would like to see that, what are Your feelings and expectations. Tell us also Your time schedule that we can choose the best time. And as wee said we are flexible to Your expectations. Do not hesitate to contact/ask the questions. Hopefully to hear from You as soon as possible

Lots of love and energy!

more information You can always find here:

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