Friday, May 30, 2014

Relationship Tantra Tuesday Workshop

"...and then they lived happily ever after"

Do you know many such a couples ? There is great love , marriage , common life .. living together , children, shopping ... with the time the energy that wound the relationship is escaping somewhere . At the beginning great sex becomes a routine ,then finally is almost disappearing.

How does it look like life of nowadays couple ? Usually busy , between work, home , taking care for children,  parents - they have no longer time for themselves . Contemporary couple is getting more similar to a company that the goal is to plan and maintain the existence on a decent level.

Where is this alchemy and this magical chemistry gone?

Like everything in nature, you need to cultivate love , systematically , with full mindfulness and you have to devote her time . To less romantic ?

How many times is it that lovers turn away from each other, their passion disappears, man usually runs away in to work, addictions, pornography and the  women 's are dedicated to the children or they indulge in fashion of shopping.

There's nobody's fault.

We do so as we were brought up , as we were taught . We also read a few books and watched a few movies , we heard some story about romantic love ...
The schools did not teach you how to develop a conscious relationship .

What is the continuation of a fairy tale ?

Do from your relationship a priority , plan a time together, a few hours a week just for yourself . You, your relationship and your family will only benefit from this.
Introduce into your life regular practice of tantric love.

You don't need to be a tantrik , you do not have fully commit to deep practice. Just a few tools what would make your love to become a meditation is enough.

Intimacy - that's what a woman needs to be ready for sex.
Hey Men - you can learn intimate communication with your lady when you only open your heart .
Unconditional love - will appear when you clear your heart and then you will see your partner as a god/goddess .
Sex - you can go beyond the vicious circle of seeking external stimuli to release in that way created energy. Sex on a deep energetic level is a prayer , is a deep meditation, is giving you tremendous energy , strengthens your relationship and is expanding your love , heals your presence, past and future and is raising your consciousness .
Hey Woman - you can open the way to his heart , when you teach him to talk about his feelings .

Tools what we are giving for your use to benefit your relationship are:
- Tantric communication
- Massage , caress - the tantric touch of unconditional love
- Meditation and breathing techniques
- Techniques for the transformation of sexual energy .

Tantra for couples –Tuesday 3th of june
Write this date(s) in your agenda for your relationship

Tuesday's 20.30 ~ 23.30 for couples or people who are willing to exercise together ( 3.6, 17.6,24.6,1.7, 8.7 )
WG-terrein, Ketelhuisplein 41 Amsterdam
45 Euro per person, 85 per couple for single workshop and only 210 for rest of the course for one person

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Experiencing the seven chakra’s – Getting in contact with your natural senses Workshop by Kees Schenk - Blauwe Adelaar

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In this workshop we will pass through all of the seven chakra's and you will learn to get in contact with these vital senses in your body. Through sharing, bodywork, breath work and music you will learn how to get in contact with your own chakra's both for yourself and in relation to the people around you, so you can become aware of that what you have always felt but never fully understood.

Monday 16.6,14 20.30 ~ 23.30
WG-terrein, Ketelhuisplein 41
20 Euro per person

Sending email to means confirming Your reservation. Amount of the places are limited.
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Ervaar de Zeven Chakra's – In contact met je natuurlijke gevoel en intuïtie

In deze workshop gaan we alle zeven chakra's door en leer jij in contact te komen met deze belangrijke energetische poorten in je lichaam.
Door middel van sharing, lichaamswerk, ademhaling en muziek leer je hoe je in de eerste plaats meer verbinding met jezelf en vandaaruit ook meer verbinding met andere kan ervaren zodat je je bewust kan worden van dat wat je altijd hebt gevoelt maar nog niet volledig begrijpt.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Male and Female energy workshop for couples this Tuesday

Nowadays not so many people are aware that within us exist male and female energy. Doesn't matter what sex we are, from balance of those energies depends our health, our contentment, our happiness and fulfilment in our relationships.
At this workshop we would met our inner woman and man within us. We would recognise their energies. We would hear from them how is to live with us, what are their needs, what are concerns. How we can improve their (our) life...

Besides of that we would get to know differences between male and female bodies. We would learn how to approach them in the way, that beautiful sexual energy of love would flow freely, would not be forced or imposed on someone and would not be blocked by some wrong behaviour.

Tuesday's 20.30 ~ 23.30 for couples or people who are willing to exercise together ( 27.5, 3.6,17.6,24.6,1.7, 8.7 )
WG-terrein, Ketelhuisplein 41 Amsterdam
45 Euro per person, 85 per couple for single workshop and only 240 for rest of the course for one person

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Full Presence. Tantric Infinity of Orgasm

It is this one moment. For that moment, try to focus on the full presence. In this moment. It is not a complicated technique. You don't need any methods. It's like threading a needle. That moment, when you hit eye of the needle with the thread. Full concentration. You don't need anything more. For a split of a second you are focused and fully present. There is only this eye of the needle and thread, which hits in to the eye. Full presence. That's why people desire so much orgasm. For split of a second they're the total presence. In Tantra, We extend, this presence indefinitely.

Therefore in Tantra, we use sexuality. There is the power of energy. This energy, We either attract or push away. Either, We are trying to release it or suppress it. But the point is to be fully present. Either not to push, either not to attract. For many of us this state of just being is a state unbearable. Because they're afraid of intimate relationship with the present moment
Edyta Baghira 5.5.14

A drop of water frozen by flash

Friday, May 9, 2014

Tantric Massage course in School Of Tantra Movement

Fridays massage course 18.00 till 21.30 for all ( 23.5, 27.6(?), 4.7, 11.7 ) - to be confirmed
Il Cielo. Oostzaanstraat 46 Amsterdam
45 Euro per person/85 per couple for single workshop and only 160 for whole course
Those workshops are especially for couples or people who are willing to exercise together.

"Secrets of Tantric Touch" Massage

The workshop is composed in such a way that you can get the best of it, that you could learn and feel what sacred touch is, that would make you allow the healing energy of love into your body and life.

Mastering the art of giving and receiving tantric massage is opening us on many levels:
- Helps us recover energy
- Teaches us sacred touch
- Raises awareness of the body
- Is a great introduction to tantric sex
- Develops our potential of love

It is not possible to mention all of the benefits gained from tantric massage, but first of all it is an experience of deep inner joy, bliss, cleansing, peace and ecstasy. It is the experience of being whole.

We will mainly focus on the feelings in the body and not only on the techniques. First of all, we want to ensure that participants will experience the touch, that they will open up for receiving and giving on the body level, that they will open up for fully feeling the pleasure of being a giver and a receiver of a massage.

We want to go deep into the levels of feeling pleasure, bliss, and the flow of love energy. We want to let go and release all the tension from our bodies, to let it go and open up for more space where, there were previously blockades, and allow a stronger flow of life energy.

Tantric Massage for couples workshop

Even i was the same, now is hard for me to imagine that i could live the way that the massage wouldn't be part of our sexual life and love making. Unfortunately most of the couples life doesn't include massage in it. Even when they use the massage usually is completely separated from beautiful love making and there is hardly any intimacy in it. It doesn't have to be that way. Massage could be great for play, after play, middle play to love making. Even better, it could be love making itself. Tantric massage may bring you to much higher ecstasy than avarage 5 minute intercourse ended with loosing energy and to often frustration....
Many couples are saying that they're ok they don't need tantra. In our School Of Tantra Movement we don't wanna that your relationship would be just ok. We would like that You would become supreme lovers and your passion to each other would grow constantly :)

Kashmiric Dance Massage workshop

Like from all my invitations, especially from this one you may already learn something very useful.

Breath in and out. In and out. Become aware of your breath. How it passes through nostrils, how is filling up your lungs, chest, belly, even ho it reaches your toes and top of your head. Notice how with awareness to your breath You become very calm but energised and more alive at the same time .

Notice how by observing your breath, You entered the bridge to here and now. By being focus on your breath you created the inner space of awareness what is leaving behind all your thoughts, all your worries, fears...

Now become aware of the movement created by your breath. Your chest, your belly is expanding. Observe that movement for a while then begin to follow the breath with your body. Extend that movement. Let your spine bend following the belly. Let your pelvic tilt. Then slowly gradually involve the rest of your body: the neck, shoulders, knees, elbows...

Now You begin the dance of your breath. There could be music in the background but this time you dance to your breath. Let Your body follow the breath. Do all the movements what would come without thinking. Breath in. Breath out.

Then after that preparation we would go for Kashmiric dance massage what would also follow your breath with deep, floating, intuitive movement. Long, energetic and fluent strokes coming from the breath would bring us in very meditative but dynamic atmosphere, where receiver would surrender in to the moment and to the love itself.

It will make You feel safe in the ultimate dimension. It will bring You closer to yourself in deep connection.

Bring organic cocos oil and towel if You can.

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Relationship Tantra Course in School Of Tantra Movement

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Tuesday's 20.30 ~ 23.00 for couples or people who are willing to exercise together ( 20.5, 27.5, 3.6,17.6,24.6,1.7, 8.7 )
WG-terrein, Ketelhuisplein 41 Amsterdam
45 Euro per person, 85 per couple for single workshop and only 280 for whole course for one person

Workshops for your relationship

This our proposal is addressed to couples who:
- just get to know each other
- they want to develop an intimate relationship
- they would like to open up to the needs of the partner.
- They want to dissolve the barriers,

- who are looking for way to heal themselves but also looking for understanding and harmony in the warm arms of the lover
- for long time relationships, who would like again awake the senses, who would like to bring new energy and inspiration to their life
- who want to recognise the transcendent nature of partner relationship
- who want to progress together,
- who would like to develop energy of partnership
- who would like to achieve cosmic union
- who would share the essence of love with the world.

As a tantric couple, We share our personal and individual experience. While we respect our and your boundaries, we are also keeping in mind that real progress begins outside of the comfort zone. That's why we will systematically encourage you to leave secure limitations and meet the adventures of your life. But in the same time, We will also encourage you to establish clear boundaries and say "no" when you really feel that way at that moment.If you're not ready to change, we will work on that readiness

What you can expect:
Deepening intimacy in relationship
Exploring synergy effect in meditation and in the transformation of sexual energy

Inviting more ecstasy and passion in your life

We use methods such as :
Tantric and Taoist techniques for transformation
Games, fun, dance and movement
Visualisations , meditations and relaxations
Prayers and affirmations
Massage and healing touch
Open communication

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Dinsdags 20.30 ~ 23.00 ( 20.5, 27.5, 3.6,17.6,24.6,1.7, 8.7 )
WG-terrein, Ketelhuisplein 41 Amsterdam
Deze groep is opgericht, met name voor koppels of mensen die bereid zijn om samen te oefenen
€45 per persoon/85 per paar per workshop en slechts €280 voor de hele cursus (een persoon)

Workshops voor je relatie:
Dit ons voorstel is gericht tot paren die:
- Gewoon om elkaar te leren kennen
- Ze willen een intieme relatie ontwikkelen
- Ze willen zich openstellen voor de behoeften van de partner.
- Ze willen de barrières oplossen, die op zoek zijn naar de weg om zichzelf te genezen , maar ook op zoek naar begrip en harmonie in de warme armen van de minnaar
- Voor lange tijd relaties , die graag weer wakker maken van de zintuigen , die graag nieuwe energie en inspiratie brengen in hun leven, die willen herkennen de transcendente aard van partnerrelatie.
- die samen willen in proces willen,
- die graag energie van partnerschap willen ontwikkelen
- die graag kosmische eenheid willen bereiken
- die de essentie van de liefde met de wereld willen delen.

Als een tantrische paar ,delen wij onze persoonlijke en individuele ervaring. Terwijl we onze en uw grenzen respecteren, we zijn bewust dat de echte vooruitgang begint buiten de comfort zone . Dat is waarom wij u systematisch zal aanmoedigen om veilige grenzen te verlaten en te voldoen aan de avonturen van je leven. Maar in dezelfde tijd , zullen we u aanmoedigen om duidelijke grenzen te stellen en 'nee' zeggen als je echt het gevoel op hebt op dat moment. Als je niet klaar bent om te veranderen , zullen we werken aan de bereidheid

Meer informatie en uitnodigingen voor je vrienden:

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