Thursday, January 3, 2013

PC Muscle,benefits and how to keep the practice

PC muscle

Training the PC muscle (sometimes called "muscles of love" or "muscles of sex" ) is one of the most simple but also most efficient and beneficial technique what people can get from tantra.
This list of the benefits from exercising the PC muscle is already long but it includes only most important :)

  • Stronger pelvic muscles

  • Increase the blood flow to the genital area, and so support sexual arousal mechanisms and healing process.

  • Shutting access of sexual energy to higher parts of the body = spreading ecstasy

  • Preventing urinary incontinence

for a man:

  • Preventing impotence

  • Stronger and longer erections

  • More control over ejaculation

  • More intense and pleasurable orgasms

  • Ability to have multiple male orgasms

  • Prevent prostate cancer

 for a woman:

  • Better, stronger and more frequent orgasms

  • Control over intensity of the ecstasy feelings

  • Awakening clitoris, G point, breast and other sexual areas

  • Harmonising hormones

  • Decreasing PMS and menopause symptoms

  • Easier childbirth and healing after

When You next time go to toilet with breath in stop urinating. The muscles what you're using that's PC muscle. Squeeze them and relax  them 20 times 3 times per day. Like with every practice build it slowly. Every day increase till 30, 40, 50...till you would be able to do it at least for 3 minutes. Keep on the practice. As You will notice training the PC muscle is not visible for others and doesn't take your attention so its perfect to do in all possible situations ( i'm doing it even when i'm writing this text :)

Tips to keep any practice

1. If the practice is daily (breath, pc muscle etc.) put reminders in to Your life. Think about something what You do every day (like breakfast, brushing teeth, using the tram, etc ). Set up those moments as reminders so every time they will happen you will start your practice. This would help you to not forget the practice on the longer therm.
2. Convince yourself, your subconscious mind, (ego, your lower self or whatever you like to call it ). Imagine within you that your subconscious mind is like small child what is stuck in it's habits. Whatever change you would like to implement in your life you will need to convince this child to do it with you. It's not always easy. Our subconscious mind would like to stay secure doesn't wanna to risk the change. It would find hundreds excuses to not to change at all. Showing benefits may help. Award yourself for every step you made. Your subconscious mind love to be awarded. This works much more efficient than punishment, discontentment etc. Make it as much playful as possible. You may think about some game. Always keep the dialogue with your subconscious mind. Only by explaining not by forcing implement change (practice) slowly or try it out for one day or week - there are many ways you have to choose one.
3. You could also ask Your higher self (your superconscious mind or guardian angel or whatever you would like call it ) to give you strength with keeping on the practice (change)
Meditation gives you silence you need to have to make dialogue between those three parts of you

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