Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tantric Alchemy by Lila Lilith and Tantric Dance by Marcia Sanders this saturday, 8 june in Basic School of Tantra

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from 11.00 till 13.00 introduction to Tantric Alchemy by Lila Lilith (India/Israel)
from 13.30 till ~ 15.00 Tantric Dance by Marcia Sanders from
Price for single class is 30, 60 or 90 E per person.

About Lila Lilith

A practicing Tantriklila profile sa, occultist, therapist  and artist. She received initiation into Tibetan Buddhism's Highest Yoga Tantra by H.H. the Dalai Lama and into Dzogchen, by Lama Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche.

Lila Lilith travels extensively, studying esoteric traditions from Western magic to Kabbalah, Yoga, Tantra, Buddhism, Shamanism and healing for the last 15 years. She is devoted to researching  the roots of Tantra and the lost lineages of Tantric female initiators.

As a  therapist  Lila Lilith combines her background as a clinical herbalist, shamanic healer, bodyworker, sound healer  and Tantric Buddhist practitoner into an integrated therapy customized for varying individual needs.

As an esoteric artist, Lila Lilith uses ritual performance as a means to embody the profound alchemical principles of Tantra ,combining belly dance, temple dance,  butoh, poetry, performenxe art,spoken word and song  to allow the audience a direct non conceptual experience.

Marcia Sanders from Art of Loving would teach us Tantric Dance

When dancing becomes meditation

Tantric Dance is a play of the divine energy between masculine and feminine. Meditation while dancing, moving into the observer.


The challenge to stay grounded and flow. To relax and gracefully let yourself be moved.


Welcome to Tantric Dance

Each time we explain more about female/male dynamics; about Shiva and Shakti energy.  Men: what do you do with a woman completely in her Shakti power? Or if she is not, how can you invite her to her own vitality and let her shine? What do you need from a woman to totally surrender?
Women: how to approach this motionless Shiva energy? How can you move Shiva an make a harmonious flow? What do you need from a man to totally surrender?

More about Marcia and Tantric Dance You could read at their page

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