Friday, July 5, 2013

Breathing in Shiva Shakti position.Last workshop before holidays in Basic School of Tantra

Overtoom 301,Amsterdam Saturday 6.8.13 from 11.00 till 14.00

On this workshop we would teach You the magic essence of tantra. We would teach You different ways of breathing together in the most tantric position Shiva Shakti (also called Open Lotus or Yab Yum ) where the partners bodies are fully connected on all levels(chakras). This close connection harmonise our energies what connecting us even more. But harmonising and connecting become even greater through breathing together. When we alternate breath we can awake in us energy of elements what we want to: earth, water, air, fire… Instead of loosing sexual energy we bringing her to higher parts of ourselves : to heart -> we become more loving, to the throat -> we become more communicative, to the head -> we become more creative. Beside of that through that exercise we also balancing our male and female energies not only in ourselves but also in our relationship. We create great union not only between partners but also with nature and whole universe. Now come to transform those words into the real experience;

This workshop is like usual as well for singles as for couples -> for everyone

Price for single class is 30, 60 or 90 E per person.

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Edyta Weber and Michal Marek Griks
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On the picture are Zosia and David Rzepeccy from

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