Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Basic School of Tantra. How it works ? How You could help ? Ideals. Discounts...

Both of us gave up our well paid works, positions and dedicated whole our life to spread love  and tantra.

Joining us, helping us in all possible way is more than appreciated. There is always plenty things to do and together we are stronger.

Tantra is the way of experience, so the way to learn about it is to feel, to see, to touch it by yourself. That's why there is so many of paths of tantra as many people are connected to that. We like that You would not follow our teaching but that You would find Your own experience. That's why we involve other teachers in to our school even not always we are completely agreeing with them. We like You to see wider spectrum of tantra than only our own. We do not want to create just another business but we dream about something more. The school is the first step in to creating the movement based on love. We need You to do it with us.

That's why we would like to come closer to You in the way that the relation of teaching and studying would loose its hierarchy. That's why we would like that some of You would not find the way of expanding only personal but also the worlds consciousness, happiness, love…

How You could help?

  1. Help us to find students. As more people, we are able to teach than more love we could spread. This is the best what we (You) could share and this we love to do even more. We believe than involving, inviting more people to the school is some times best gift what You could do for them, us and humanity, so plz. be active on that: spread the message, invite Your friends verbally but also through facebook, social media, internet, by spreading the leaflets etc. Our invitations, we do in that way, that even if people after reading would not decide to come for a workshop they would already benefit from reading good energy of love what we put in to  our message J
  2. However more happiness in Your eyes, more love in Your life, better world is always most important and best payment for us, somehow we have to survive in this material world. Even our teachings are on high level, we choose our prices as most affordable for people also with the small income. However if Your income is not small plz choose option of paying double, triple etc. This will help us to invest in to progress with the school. How You may know us we are not kind of consumerists people but those who would "buy time" to do good things, so You could be sure that Your money would go for a good cause. And don't forget the low of universe "As more You give, as more You get"
  3. Give us ideas for anything like better promotion, organising introduction workshops, new places, improving the school, contacting new interesting teachers, people etc…
  4. Be creative: if You see that You could help us in any other way ( www. Language, promotion etc. ) to improve our Basic School of Tantra don't hesitate to contact us and just do it.


Our ideals are that, the school would be affordable for all. However we believe that for good flow of energy is better to let it exchange -> so contact us as sooner as better to find best way to contribute in other way, to help us and to find the best solution for all of us.


Is that all ? Not, but feel welcome in our Basic School of Tantra. 

To be continued...

Michal Marek Griks and Edyta Baghira

 Hermaphrodite 376px 298x300 Shamballa Tantra Couples Retreat: March 18 22 2013 (Mon Fri)

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