Thursday, June 26, 2014

Journey to Awaken the Senses-Ceremony for couples

Maybe there is not better gift for each other than experiencing this ceremony together.

Listen to the quiet whispers of your own body. Shhhh.....

When we fully experience our senses, we enter into the heart, into love with existence. And instead of thinking about and analysing the world, we love it, we feel it, we become a part of it. We experience the bliss, ecstasy and deep fulfilment that can come to us through our senses.

To practise this, we do a ritual that awakens each sense in turn and allow ourselves to absorb this bliss in our hearts. This is a totally yummy, luscious and deep meditation that touches the body, heart and soul. For anyone who wants to expand the experience of their senses or use the body as a gateway to the self. Done to each other it is great way to connect and feel gratitude and more love, sympathy to Your partner. It bring a child in us, a child,who is playing in the adult games of love...
Tuesday 1.7.14 20.30 ~ 23.30 for couples or people who are willing to exercise together.
-terrein, Ketelhuisplein 41
45 Euro per person or 85 per couple for single workshop

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