Friday, May 22, 2015

Schedule. School Of Tantra Movement

Last update : 22.05.2015

We will update this schedule with all changes what will appear in life, so keep this link and check it regularly

Keep in mind that I´m moving to Romania after Summer so it´s very probably that short events [marked as (?)] may be replaced with longer ones but less frequent

Workshops in
Il Cielo Oostzaanstraat 46, Amsterdam

Tantra Massage Course

15.00~30 - 19.30 Sundays
7.6.15(De-armouring), 20.9.15(?), 27.9.15(?)

Intensive weekend Workshop - Full Body Energetic Orgasm by Flaviu Pop from Romania
Friday 12.06.2015 19.00
till Sunday 14.06.2015 20.00 check details here:

Events in
WG-terrein, Ketelhuisplein 41 Amsterdam

Workshops for all
~ once a week
in almost every Saturdays
20.30- 23.30

Connecting Sunday(s)

Almost every sunday: 9.00-13.00
7.6.15, 20.9.15(?), 27.9.15(?)

Couples workshop: almost every sundays 20.30 - 23.30
7.6.15, 20.9.15(?), 27.9.15(?)
The program for couples is the same like the program of Course for All - only approach is different Whole detailed program you can read here

Tantra Full moon festivals:

6.6.15 13.30 -23.30
13.30 -23.30
13.30 -23.30

Romania Transylvania, Retreat in Nature for longer events or in Cluj Napoca for shorter ones

Every wednesday 18.00- 21.30 Tipografiei nr. 21 ap. 2 Cluj Napoca weekly meetings of Tantra Movement Romania group. I´m, Michal Marek Griks there always in wensdays around the events when I´m in Romania, so recently pretty often :)

28.5.2015 - 31.05.2015 Tantra Massage course first module
Details you may find here ( use translator )
More details would follow soon

All courses in Romania are in English translated in to Romanian.
Some more fresh updates you may find at fb Tantra Movement Romania group:

Use google translator if needed

6 september - 13 september Nature in France -
Course for all in one week
All in Chateau de Gressoux

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