Thursday, November 5, 2015

Message for the Tantra Organisers

Hallo Lovely People!
Hallo Lovely Organisers

We offer three courses:
Tantra workshops
Tantra Massage Course
Tantra Year Training
The more detailed explanations you may find it here:

We are pretty  flexible with our teachings. We did them as weekends retreats, as 4 or 9 days retreats and also as cycle of 3,5 hour weekly workshops. We did them in 1,2 or 3 modules. Depends from energy of the group and how you would like to organise, We may send you examples of other people how they did it.

We also offering extra morning  Breathing,Chakra Clearing Exercises by Roxana Rainbow Cioaza or Kundalini yoga and dynamic Osho meditations by me.

We like to travel so you may invite us everywhere. Especially for the warm countries in the winter you may get discount  ;)

Our costs are: covering the travel and expenses + at least 50 % of the profits.

We like to build network of assistants. We like that money is a tool not a a barrier. 

Lets create the Movement. Together we are stronger. Together we can do more. Together is more fun :)

Do not hesitate to contact us and ask further questions

Love and Light

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