Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Our Dream Community

Intentions: love, friendship, support, grow, freedom, inspiration, passion, truth, connection, authenticity, understanding, acceptance, healing, finding home...

Thanks for inspirations from author to ADM, SatCitAnanda, Positivenest, squatters, nature and thers

Most important are people. Connection between them, maybe vision what they share or a common dream.
Then energy. If they have passions, whatever it is, the energy what they contribute to the place will inspire others, will create the flow. This flow is rising the energy of the group in to direction where no one have to be asked to wash the dishes, clean, cook for others, organise things etc.
All those things are coming out of love, so even the food is tasting better with this most important ingredient - love
Here our passion, tantra may become handy in finding your passion and finding the way how to live your passion.
When we have this flow, inspirations are flowing too. This is one of them. If you have place - you have a centre already. But is good that you have kind of open minds. First to see in people what connects us instead what divide us. Second to look for the solutions rather than for a problems.
And here is one of our ideas for ¨buisness plan¨ of the future.
Mast of the projects need a space. if you have piece of nature in the tropics and a bit of the optimism than you have already infrastructure big enough to develop your dreams. As a teacher I can tell you that most of the teachers dream about space where they´re connected to.
Community, cultural centre need the teachers as well. Best those connected to place ;)
At the beginning depends from what you need: home, place for workshop or food, so maybe parmaculture garden ...
Whatever it is, you organise workshop of building eco house or parmaculture garden, you invite the teacher, students. Price what you charge will pays off the teacher, all other costs and will contribute to  life of the community and to the next projects. Beside of that the eco house, parmaculture gardens are left for your community, the place is growing, getting popular, sustainable. Let it flow .... <3


Michal Marek Griks 15.12.2015 ADM

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