Saturday, October 27, 2018

Tantra Movement Fundraiser for Dream House for workshops in Thailand

Tantra Movement School is getting new, beautiful, more in the nature, Dream House for our workshops in Thailand.

We would like to ask you for your financial support, that we could provide this place for us, you and for whole humanity.

After asking close Friends, Family for loans, donations, "booking right now" retreats, ( Thank you again! We Love you <3) we still need 5000 Euro

Many of you, know my devotion in sharing tantra, yoga, Unconditional Love, Sacred Sexuality, Spiritual Activism, as way of healing, liberating, expanding, not only on the individual level but at the humanity level as well. Many of my work I share unconditionally, very often for free. 

Now I need your support. Let the energy of Unconditional Love circulate <3

I kindly ask for your generous support to help:

by donating whatever you can afford, whether it is 10, 90 or 1000 Euro.
by lending us a loan that we will repay as soon as possible.
by "booking right now" retreats

... and when you do not have so much money at the moment, don't worry you still may support us a lot, by sharing in all possible way: this campaign, our events, our "booking right now" offer etc.

Together we are stronger !  Thank you that you are <3

For the financial options, you can either transfer your amount to:
Michal Grygoruk 
Triodos ethical bank

or to my paypal account: or

We will keep exact records of who paid how much! We also create Gratitude post (tell us when you wish to not be tagged in it)

Thankful from the bottom of my heart <3
Michal Kali Griks

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