Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Valentine's day offers

Hello Lovely People. 
Special offer for Valentines day: treat yourself or your beloved with experiencing three days of Tantric Massage. Now we offer you the first three days for only 150 USD!   
But this count's only when you book today. 

And of course, tomorrow, you may join our donation based intro. We wish to create the best choice for you to connect with your self, partner and the whole universe. 

We wish that you that even would go deeper and join our whole retreat

Enrich your (love-) life with Tantric practices and Massage Techniques, that will change your (love-)life. Our Retreats are perfect for couples who want to improve their relationship, as you will work during the whole course only with your partner!  

Enrich your (love-)life now by learning new approaches to sensuality and sexuality. Learn new ways of communication with your partner and how to express your wishes. Tantra can help you to explore new ways that can lead to greater fulfilment and closeness in your relationship.  

Check our website for more information:

Michal Kali Griks

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