Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New program for tantra course

More details about address,leaflet etc. You can find here:

However tantra is about spontaneity I prepared some structure for our course what have 12 lessons what usually take 3 - 4 ha for one session. Depends from the level and expectations of students i can still change the structure.  Everyone can attend the lessons as single person, couple or small groups. All lessons are clothes on -> followed by Your home work with clothes off. I have few different prices to give all people with different living standards equal access to the lessons:  10,20,30 euro per hour, more or less to make it affordable for everyone. Anyway happiness in Your eyes and more love in Your life would be always the best payment for me :)

Level 1: Introduction to tantra:
Lecture what may last from 45 minutes till three ha. Between theory about practice, I give small examples of simple, save exercises, what You can follow after alone or with Your partner. Everyone who would follow instructions from this introduction may already diametrically improve her/his life.

Level 2: Introduction to practice :
At this introduction I let You taste what tantra is , what we teach at whole course. A little bit of everything:
Sexual meditation, recognising and training the pc muscle, soul gazing, open communication, establishing the limits, opening to trust, awakening the senses, blindfold dance, breathing together in Shiva Shakti position, relaxation

Level 3: Love Yourself
Hart salutation, melting hug, awakening the inner lover meditation, soul gazing, hart connection through hands, breath and hart.
Level 4:
Awakening the senses, blindfold dance, intro to chakras.
Level 5: Being in the present moment
Observing the breath, Following the breath in movement, massage... (kashmirische tantra)
Breathing together in Shiva Shakti position.
Level 6:
Kundalini Osho meditation.Harmonising Your male and female energy
Level 7-12 Further program depends from progress of the students and their abilities to follow further... It include massages techniques, healing processes, learning multiplied, whole bodies orgasms, uniting in love and many more

Contact for more details,
don't hesitate to ask the questions
and let me know You're coming !

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