Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tantric Dancing this friday

Tantric Dancing
Vrijdag 8 maart 2013
Vanaf 19.30 uur
entree 10/15 euro
Tantric Dancing
celebrating hearts
Hosted by Art of Loving

A playful way to connect with yourself and the other. Use the dance as a tool to deepen your inner strength or to loosen up the mind. Dare to connect as deep as possible, with open and joyful hearts.
If you dance to awaken your fire this is your night.

Bring your own blindfold or get one from Art of Loving, to really deepen your dance.

Chacra Dance
A short journey through your energy centers to awaken your lifeforce through breath and movement. The perfect preparation for the Tantric Dance.
Tantric Dance
A contact dance of grace, surrender and strength between Masculine and Feminine within yourself and your dance partner. A moment-to-moment practice to stay open and grounded.
Developed by Art of Loving and shared throughout Holland.

€15 pp or € 25 together
19:30 ~ Delicious Tantric Treats
20:00 ~ Tantric Dance Masterclass
21:15 ~ Tantric Dance movie premiere!

€10 pp or €18 together
21:30 ~ Chakra Journey & Tantric Dance Demo
21:30 ~ Tantric Dancing PARTY!
Healings, live music and dance acts.
from 19:30 Masterclass and more ¤15 pp or ¤25 together
from 21:30 Tantric Dancing ¤10 pp or ¤18 together
Buy your ticket at the door (no presale, come early)
Start clean and fresh! Flexible dancing clothes, extra T-shirt, small towel, blindfold, open mind& heart.
Bring your favorite dance track on a usb stick! The DJ might play it!

Tantric Dance teaser from Rakesh on Vimeo.

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