Monday, December 2, 2013

Love Yourself! Whole day Celebration of Tantric Inner Lover. Event in Basic School of Tantra

Welcome to a new series of classes  "Whole Day Tantric Celebration" in Basic School of Tantra .
On this Saturday the focus would be on
first and most important relationship - relationship with yourself .

How close are you to yourself ? Do you have intimate bond with yourself ?  Do You give to Yourself so much love, to have a surplus to share it with the world ?

When you make decisions for the good of others, in spite of yourself , ignoring your own needs,

When you are using your body for everyday tasks without giving much in return ,
When you refrain from speaking and acting from fear of what others will think and say .
In those moments pain squeezes your heart and throat is choking on unspoken words.

How do I know what I
really want if I don't really know myself ?

We will celebrate
self-love and our unconditional beauty.
We will discover the essence of our innocent sexuality.
We will establish an intimate relationship with ourself .
We will practice together and solo.
We will share and support each other on the path.

We will create a circle of permission, in which You will meet unconditional love .We invite and welcome all feelings, emotions and reactions .

We will use different techniques like:

The program could change and evolve due to the energy and needs of the group .

We expecting and teaching respect to the limits of the participants, but in the same time we are making You aware that the progress is happening outside the comfort zone. Just as we are flexible and open to spontaneous change,in the same way,  we
welcome any willingness and openness for taking a step into the unknown.

Loving ourselves is the foundation of real love, when we love ourselves we can truly love others. When we feel good about our self we will have the self esteem needed to act in love towards another being. To truly love ourselves may increase the chance of amplifying the love shared with our partners, family, animals, nature, whole planet and the universe. So how You may notice it have nothing to do with selfishness but rather with expanding love in healthy way...

Bring loose outfit, sarong or lungi to practice
Saturday 7.12.2013 12.00- 20.00
Love Laboratory at Willem Dreeslaan 10, 1544 SB Zaandijk (only 15 minuts by train from Amsterdam Central station)
There would be 1 hour break  for vegan food

Costs of the single day is 80 Euro. Sending email to means confirming Your reservation.
For updates, more info or to invite Your friends:

This Celebration is 1st day of circle of 8 different Celebrations what You could decide to follow... [cost only 550E when You take 8 days] After finishing the course You will get certificate of Basic School of Tantra (1st year).

We are tantric couple, who's destiny become to share tantra. We recognised our sexual powers are the most efficient ( for us ) ways to improve our self esteem, physical and mental health, intimate relationship, love ( also to Yourself ), our energy and all other aspects of life... Then we asked ourselves :
Why if love is most important in majority of humanity there in still not place for that important feeling in peoples education. This gap we would like feel in by establishing Basic School of Tantra and by teaching there.
Love and light .
Edyta Baghira and Michal Marek Griks

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