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Sacred Sexuality and Love Yourself! - Two extra workshops this Friday in Basic School of Tantra

Sacred Sexuality workshop in Basic School of Tantra

Friday 13.12.13 17.00 till 19.45. (followed by next one - scroll down to find out more )Karunika Meerhuizenplein 11 Amsterdam

At this workshop we would go for a journey to the past to heal our memories mainly connected to our sexuality. We live in the society where very often sex is considered as something bad, dirty, what develop guild and shame in us. We going to heal our wounds in intention to bring sacredness and pride to not only to genital parts of our bodies but to whole concept of sex in our life. We going to free ourselves from stereotypes what are stopping our love.

According to tantra human sexuality is located in the centre of spirituality. Over the millennia, was pushed only to have role of procreating. The wider truth was available only to a few. At the present time the consciousness of humanity is mature enough that the truth of the sacred sexuality is revealed to all.
The consciousness of humanity at the present moment goes beyond the circle of material activities and experiences. It rises together with the energy of the Earth. Old Masters now revealing ancient mysteries , which before often were available only for the elites. Using those secrets could be solution for all sort of crisis what the humanity and individual people are facing nowadays.
On the other hand, we have at the present time wide available pornography , which massively distorts the image of human sexuality . On large scale , we are bombarded with sexuality ragged of beauty,  holiness , power, and intimacy....

At the workshop You would have chance to deeply answer to Yourself for the questions below:
How sacred sexuality is different from the usual sexuality ?
How can I have access to sacred sexuality in my life?
In what way, based on sacred sexuality I can shape reactions with myself , with a partner , with other people, with nature and whole universe ?
These and other questions will not get ready answers , but in a series of our workshops we offer opportunity to experience the methods which can help you to expand your consciousness in the field of sacred sexuality.

On that workshop we will focus on the dissolution of the concepts and blockades, what had accumulated around the topic of sexuality. We will recognise patterns , which we toked over from family, from school ,society, Hollywood movies etc. To recognise the sacred sexuality, we will unfold veil of ignorance.

You may establish an intimate relationship with yourself .
You may enrich , raise to the higher levels relationship with your partner.
You may attract into your life partner and lover of your dreams.
You may heal the wounds from your sexual life and those passed to you from generations to generations.

Love Yourself! Workshop in Basic School of Tantra

Friday 13.12.13 20.15 till 23.00 Karunika Meerhuizenplein 11 Amsterdam

How close are you to yourself ? Do you have intimate bond with yourself ?  Do You give to Yourself so much love, to have a surplus to share it with the world ?

When you make decisions for the good of others, in spite of yourself , ignoring your own needs,

When you are using your body for everyday tasks without giving much in return ,
When you refrain from speaking and acting from fear of what others will think and say .
In those moments pain squeezes your heart and throat is choking on unspoken words.

How do I know what I really want if I don't really know myself ?

We will celebrate self-love and our unconditional beauty.
We will discover the essence of our innocent sexuality.
We will establish an intimate relationship with ourself .
We will practice together and solo.
We will share and support each other on the path.

We will create a circle of permission, in which You will meet unconditional love .We invite and welcome all feelings, emotions and reactions .

Loving ourselves is the foundation of real love, when we love ourselves we can truly love others. When we feel good about our self we will have the self esteem needed to act in love towards another being. To truly love ourselves may increase the chance of amplifying the love shared with our partners, family, animals, nature, whole planet and the universe. So how You may notice it have nothing to do with selfishness but rather with expanding love in healthy way...

Information for both workshops:

The program could change and evolve due to the energy and needs of the group .

We will use different techniques like:

We expecting and teaching respect to the limits of the participants, but in the same time we are making You aware that the progress is happening outside the comfort zone. Just as we are flexible and open to spontaneous change,in the same way,  we
welcome any willingness and openness for taking a step into the unknown.

We going to work single, in couples and in small groups.

Bring loose outfit, sarong or lungi to practice.

Costs of the single workshop is 35 Euro and both workshops only 60 Euro. If You decide to enjoy food break with us ( 19.45-20.15 ) You may bring something organic and vegan to share :)
Sending email to means confirming Your reservation.
For updates, more info or to invite Your friends:

Those workshops are 10th and 11th part of Fridays course what You could decide to follow... [cost only 250E = always 10 workshops]

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