Sunday, October 12, 2014

Tantric Sacred Sexuality vs dirty sexuality of porn industry

Nowadays sexuality experienced by most of the people, have more to do with dirty porn industry and big tits on billboards selling everything, than with sacred sexuality, what should be most close, most intimate, most healing, liberating, powerful and energising expression of Love. Through tantra I was lucky to shift from one to another. I wish to share that experience of sacred sexuality with the rest of the humanity.
 Tantric way of making sex to myself or/and to the partner is giving tremendous love, great energy (instead of loosing it), healing ( past, prejudices, resentments, painful memories, anger... ) liberation from conditioning and great connection to myself, to the partner but also to others, animals, whole nature and entire universe.
Because of that connection I feel great compassion to animals exploited by meat and other industries, compassion to hungry children who's food was taken away ( mostly for the same reason ), compassion for mother Earth, what is destroyed in the name of capitalism and over consumption, compassion to woman who's is beaten every night by her drunk husband, compassion for children who are bombed by other humans...
Thankful empowering and energising effect of tantra I'm not only feeling compassion. I'm transforming it in to the action, in to fully use of my life potential. I do my best to protect, defend and take care. For myself, for my lover, friends, family, whole humanity, animals, whole nature and entire universe. Then "We are all one" is not only empty slogan. My sacred sexuality is turning it in to deep truth inside of me, what is expanding outside as well. That's why tantra for me is one of the deepest way of spirituality. That's why this i feel is the most efficient way of my activism

21.9.2014 World Rainbow Gathering Hungary

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