Thursday, February 19, 2015

Beyond Borders movie in Inspiring Cinema this friday, 20.2.15 at ADM

Beyond Borders

Inspiring Cinema
Friday 20.02.2015
ADM Hornweg 6 Amsterdam
Vegan organic food for donation at 19.00
Movie at 20.00
Before the movie we will play the winter games adm compilation :)

If someone would like to help with cooking etc. youŕe more than welcome ! Let me know

For every 40 E from benefit, we could print 5000 glossy A6 leaflets what we could spread to rise the awareness further !

Movie is touching such subjects like refugees, humanitarian help, world hunger, passion of helping people etc.

Instead of synopsis of the movie, what I'm watching I would rather write my story ...

Today I hanged in giveaway shop west with the batch made by me, what is saying:
¨Would you like to feed 16 children every day ? The answer is simple: Become vegetarian or even better vegan. To produce 1 kilo of meat you need to use 16 kilo of corn.... "
It was time that i used to make also posters with that logo. I was writing about it etc.
Somehow dying from hunger children were some of the main points of my activism...
As didn't get big interests of others, it got diluted in other ways of helping people.

I started to watch that"coincidentally" found movie, where maybe first time in the moving pictures I saw hungry child dying from hunger. He was lying next to his dying mother and next to the vultures, what were waiting for their dead bodies to eat. I started to cry. I felt pain and anger. Through tantra my empathy transformed not only in to believing that we are one but into the feeling and being one.
I shouted "enough!". Its time that I would use my roots and Tantra Movement would go in to its full potential and would not only spread love to individuals but to all universe, so to hungry kids as well.
Now with the power of love and tantra, I feel that my ( our ) activism would be so efficient, so powerful like never before. It never felt so complete, so nothing could stop me.
Tantra Movement, Spirit Of Squatters Collective TV, Inspiring Cinema, by being in love, rising consciousness about our bodies, about hungry children, raped woman, destroyed planet and everything what needs change... we will do the healing on every levels: sexual, relationship, mental, social, environmental, from inside to outside. Our fight for better world is our victory above our lives. Happiness is the way. Love will conquer all. Together we are stronger. Join us one way or another.

The movie is maybe just another love story, what shows desperation of people trying to save the world.
Maybe another "commercial " for charity organisations like live aid etc. Maybe another movie what doesn't explain real reasons and real solutions... but it touches the heart, it shows that there is problem and people trying to solve it. It just pity that it doesn't say, that with the same ships, what humanitarian charity aid is coming to the third world countries, with the same ships soy beans for our meat is taken away from them to come to our reach world mega stables.

if no borders in your mind the war would start in your heart.

We use this movie to touch your emotions. We use those words to rise the awareness and remember, where the love starts

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