Monday, March 2, 2015

About Me - Michal Marek Griks

I´m a Kundalini Yoga teacher, tantric masseur and teacher, and a relationship and life coach. I began my Tantric journey over eight years ago and continue to study at the Rasayana Tantra Academy. Tantra has become a way of life for me and three years ago I began sharing my knowledge and journey as a teacher of Tantra. While Tantra has several paths, I recognized that sexuality is the most effective way for me to improve:

my self esteem,
my physical
and mental health,
my intimate relationship,
my love ( also to myself ),
my energy and all other aspects of life...

For me, sexuality is the most beautiful, intimate, and powerful expression of love. When I recognized how important this is in my life, I asked "If love is the most important need in the majority of humanity, why is there no place for the energy of love and sexuality in peoples education?" So, I hope that in establishing Tantra Movement School I can help fill this great need. In my life I experienced sex as way to hell but have been very fortunate to also experience it as way to heaven. Now I´m bringing sexuality out of guilt and shame to it´s rightful place sacredness and honor.

I´m a tantric, who's destiny is to share tantra and love.

As tantra movement page is more to promote the events, to avoid to much information here, I also have blog where I share much more:

Michal Marek Griks

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