Thursday, March 12, 2015

FAQ : What to do after tantra workshops ?

This text is written to Tantra Movement in Romania but is universal for  any groups. Enjoy and get inspired

The workshop, weekend is over and then the question arrives: ¨Is that all ? Do I have to wait another month or year to see the people with who we shared so much ? What´s about the energy ? Shall I just come back to my normal life ???!!! What´s about love connection energy, friendship and everything, what was between during that magical moments ? It´s that over ?¨
Doesn´t has to be !
That´s why initially Tantra Movement started. To keep the connection, to share love constantly and continuously
( you may see in the history )
During those four tantric days in Romania we worked a lot on intimacy, energy of love, communication, contact, sacred sexuality.Sometimes we shared with new people in our life the things what we didn´t do before even with our best friends, sometimes even with ourselves....
How to keep it, how to not loose it but use it ?
Do you remember the drawing of ¨wave¨ orgasm ? In the same way how we have to transfer sexual energy upward, we have to transfer the energy of the workshop in to our daily life.
How ?
I have some ideas:
Lets keep as closes contact with each other, supporting each other in their process.Highly recommended would be organising regular meetings, where you can share eye gazing, melting hugs, communicate in tantric ways, exercise and connect etc.
Lets bring those things in to your family, work and in to you daily life
Apply the experience and wisdom in to your daily self love, making love and your daily life rituals.
Intuitively lets make change in our life, what would help you to keep the energy high. For example:
- Giving melting hug to our lover or friends every time when we see them again.
- Start look in to the eyes ( no escapes any more ;) of the person with who we are talking.
- Eating less meat or even not at all
- Recycling waste
- Buying less and be happy with this what we have...
- etc. etc.
Make your own choice, make your own change :)
Use your strength what you gained during the workshop and go with the flow...
I though that changing my habits of going to sleep late would be enough. Energy of the four teaching days in Romania is so strong that the yoniverse is pushing me in to the bigger change. I´m ready to CREATE COMMUNITY based on love. Any ideas, suggestions, interests etc. are more than welcome :)
While during the workshop we are expanding, when we are back to ¨normality¨ we may notice that we do not fit there any more. Confronting our deepest truths through tantra it may require from us radical changes for better. Sometimes it seems difficult or painful but remember that real changes are happening when we go out of the comfort zone. If you not 1000 % ready for it - work on that readiness, otherwise you may suffer later from the stagnation = stinking down or from strong kick from universe in to good direction :)
Let it go ! Let it be !
Most usually the healing process is happening during the workshop but it may happen also after. Some of unexpected sadness, pain, fear, joy, physical sensations, past memories etc. may happen also after the workshop. Whatever it is do not suppress it back. Take the opportunity to let go as much as you can bear. Otherwise you would have to carry that all through whole your life or at least to the next occasion of healing moment and other chance to let it go. Observe it, breath in to it, shout it out, cry it out, laugh it out, fear it out... Let it all go ! Once and forever. If not here and now than when ? Afterwards, believe me, you would become more light, free and happy. No more unnecessary heaviness on your shoulders. :)
...and another idea a gift from me: Tantra Movement School Romania Group. Keep it alive :) Invite and involve friends

Looking forward to see you in 23 april on the second module of the first level :)

Michal Marek Griks

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