Monday, June 15, 2015

School Of Tantra Movement Certificates - List of honoured

Last update: 15.06.2015

Dear all !

Here at this post we going to update list of those honoured by certificates. Beside giving them prove that they finished some of the levels, we would like to give them some extra credit to support their further way of living.

Some of them finished as assistants, organisers etc. what counts always as extra value.

Some of them have potential to become tantra teachers, masseurs, therapists... We try to mention this as well.

Then if they like, we also give the place to mention what the´re already busy with beside of Tantra Movement. I hope this way of honouring and supporting each other would empower us in all directions ! 

Here we are:

School Of Tantra Movement Certificates

2nd level finished:

Amalia Costan as assistant,  with big potential to become a teacher and coach

Eli Spin as assistant, with potential to become a teacher

Myrthe as assistant,  with potential to become a teacher


1st level finished:

Lucienne as assistant

Flaviu Pop as assistant, he is already teacher of Trauma Relief Body Work

He is Trainer,Terapeut, Maseur, Consilier in Centrul Albini Cluj-Napoca

Ada Bianca Azap as assiatant, she is main organizer Tantra Movement Romania  She is founder of Info Spiritual organisation

Chiorean Ioana

Iacobescu Ion - our filmer

Alish Zenzejul (Andrés Arriaga)

Love <3

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