Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tantra Movement Year Training - first draft

This is only first draft of our new project. Dutch and Romanian translation, updates and corrections would come soon. But already you may show us your interest, support and feed back.

Tantra Movement Year Training

Will happen from October till July in Netherlands and Romania

May give you opportunity to become our ( or independent )  :
- Professional assistant
- Masseur(se)
- Teacher
Maybe even coach, therapist, healer ( depends from your super talents what we may reveal from you :) 
Beside of that may guide you in to adventure of your life, deepest healing and liberation on all levels ( body, heart, mind and spirit ) in all dimensions ready for you. You will discover further steps in to unconditional Love for yourself, partner, others, animals, nature and whole universe. Being one with yourself as with whole universe would no longer be a beautiful slogan but may become experience of your life.
You may learn how to energise your passion(s), How to change your positive dreams in to the reality of here and now. 
Tantra Movement Year Training is based on years experience to get the best of you in most efficient but at the same moment, most save and comfortable way. There is a program, we guide you but in the end we also like to empower you to make the steps and choose your own directions. 
That''s why our program may always EVOLve according to the energy and needs of the group. 
During the year we will have 10 intensive weekends ended with practical exams ( not obligatory ) 

Every weekend would include 
Intro open evening about the subject of the weekend . Theory and Practise
Saturday and Sunday:
Kundalini Yoga morning class, what would be recommended to follow as home work till next intensive weekend
Tantra Kriya Yoga morning class
One of many Osho meditations
Breath exercises and techniques
Theory supported with recommended book to read and follow as home work
Exercising, practising subjects from two courses what are base of our teachings:
Tantra course for all
Tantra Massage Course
Subjects of the course for all would be more ( but not only ) at the beginning of the year, to slowly go deeper in to the subjects of Tantra Massage Course ( they would be also at the start but less often )
To increase the flow of energy we combined everything according to order of chakras and 5 elements.
More detailed program would be provided later to participants but you may already check the subjects on the links above. 
Individually we will guide you not only through your process but also in to directions of the professions what you choose for. Becoming a Tantra professionals require some attitudes, wisdom, nice powerful energy etc. Is in our higher interests of the Movement and humanity to provide you with best what we can share. Let the unconditional Love flow deeper higher in all dimensions !

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