Monday, January 18, 2016

Steps forward towards Tantra Community Dream

Here we are. 2016. On the way with some directions, not wanting to go back but ready to risk the steps towards our dreams, towards the community where we could not only find roof above our head but also support in realizing our potentials.
One way or another. There are many options. Maybe we will find community what would host us ( better any than no one ) or maybe we will have to create our own.

Let's start explaining the second option then the first may come on the way...
So this would be an extension to our "business plan" what we started already few posts before.
We realized that here, in the tropics are great circumstances to create
sustainable center community where people could:
where we could share tantra
where others could share for example yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and other spiritual, energetic body work.
Where people could share the wisdom about alternative solutions like eco houses ( a bit about in previous note about "business plan" ) solar panels, pharmaculture, vegan, raw food, alternative ways of living and sharing etc...etc..
where there is friendly atmosphere for kids
where people could create friendly cultural and social live...
where we live together in support towards each other
etc. etc...

After we created our page we got not only many likes but also some people contacted us to tell us that they also share our vision and they  dream to live in such community too. If you one of them please contact us and we could see what each of us may do to move forward in to realizing our dreams. Together we are stronger. Together we can do much more and together is of course more fun :)

Up till now we realized that in the tropics are beneficial circumstances.
The weather is great, the nature amazing, the prices low, people usually friendly...
Whatever workshops or activities you will do, there are always people who will be willing to pay some extra for combining it with their holidays. Most of people attracted to tantra, yoga etc. would love to support places what we like to create.
In the mean time I feel it is good also to be open for locals to support them with our wisdom in exchange for their work, hospitality and kindness.

Steps for know:
Connecting the people, resources, services, wisdom what would join or support our vision
Brain storming the ideas about the ways how we could move forward
Start to collecting the money what we need
Spreading the words

Please help us by joining us or at least share, forward or publish this message.

You may already support us financially ( then you may also claim it back when we will give the workshops in our place )
 NL92TRIO0390212989 in Triodos ethical bank or


Michal Marek Griks and  Roxana Rainbow Cioaza

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