Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tantra Teachers Manual Introduction

Why I'm writing this book ?
Out of love to myself, to others, animals, nature etc... We are living in the times of big changes. Times what require from us big transformations. From one side many crisis's: ecological, economical, social, mental, in relationships... etc.
Especially during the last century man kind brought the planet and the humanity in to the edge that we are starting to ask ourselves: "Would our children have a future ?" Doe to our ignorance and destruction would we witness the biggest extinction of life in all its forms ? Is it happening already ?
 Misleading in the mass media are turning us in to unaware blind consumers, disconnected even from our own nature. Hardly anyone may see what is actually happening. We need most efficient solutions to bring the humanity back to love and back to nature.
Tantra as path of transformation may help us to change those challenges in to the opportunity to grow. It can make us rising up in love instead falling down in to addictions, what very often we are even not aware about.
When I walk over amazing beautiful Transylvania mountains, full of forests and wild nature . When I snorkel in Maldivian Coral reefs full of colors, full of so diverse, so beautiful and so many fishes. When I sit here, under coconut palms in the nature,   observing wild life and when I'm writing it, do I want it to end it ? When I have great conversations with my daughter, proud of her, feeling happy from how wonderful she is. Do I want to, that one day it would be over ? When I go deeper in to the love making with my beloved, when again we are discovering new ways of blissings - do I want that this would be finished by some atomic bomb, tsunami, earth shake or any other catastrophic scenario prepared by unconscious way of living in our modern times ? No I don't. Nobody does.
I love my life. I love my family, people, animals, nature. I feel they're part of my life,  maybe even part of me.
It feels good to take care for them, love them truly, stay connected etc...
For me, for them, for everyone and everything I feel that each of us could use their full potential to do everything what the situation is requiring us to do. Here and now, for better future, for all of us. For conscious world full of unconditional love, sacred sexuality and respect for mother nature.
Since I'm 14 years old ( maybe earlier ) I'm activist on all different ways and directions . I experience tantra since more than 9 years already. About 4 years ago I started to teach. I did it because I experienced one of the biggest transformation in my life and I though that everyone should be able to have a chance to achieve it either.
I was addicted from sex. Like with all addictions, you need stronger and stronger stimulation ( dose ) to get the same effect. There is no end on the path down. I started to do things against my own ethics. I was dishonest to myself , my wife and others. 
I was falling deeper in to desires, unsatisfactions, frustrations, filling guilt and shame about things I did but was unable to stop them. I was driven by sex.
I was blessed to experience tantra on my way of life. Thankful to my beloved ex, who introduced me to that I started step by step healing my self. As someone said: "Sex could be your way to hell or to heaven. You choose. " In the moment I meet tantra I got choice but so many, majority of people, they don't even know that they may have a choice.

[ Quote leaflet: ]
    "...Love is the most important experience in life for all of us. Unfortunately there lacks knowledge about the steps that one can take to amplify the love experience. The painful paradox is that while there are many other disciplines that one may learn while at school, this type of knowledge does not have a place in the conventional education system. One is rather fortunate if they have experienced unconditional love from their parents. To fill this gap we wrote these words, we shall read them, and that's why I teach in Tantra Movement School... "

During my tantric practice I meet a lot of sexually abused people. During their healing i felt their pain and I was happy to support them. In the times that watching porn is easier than ever before, in the next generations, abuse rate, disrespect ( especially but not only ) towards women may increase like never before. That's why promoting lovely and healthy approach to sexuality is very crucial in those times. That's why healing aspect of tantra would be more and more important. There is many books about tantra but no one about teaching. There are more and more tantric teachers everywhere. We need them like never before. This book I hope will support this process and in the future would become example of sharing and a kind of platform where also others would share their experiences.  To be continued...

If your English is better than my and you wanna help with correction I ( and others ) would be very happy about it.
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Michal Marek Griks

Omadhoo Maldives

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