Friday, March 18, 2016

Schedule. School Of Tantra Movement

Schedule. School Of Tantra Movement 

Last update : 18.3.2016 
We will update this schedule with all changes what will appear in life, so keep this link and check it regularly
for most fast and efficient update is good to subscribe to our newsletter and connect with me, tantra movement group and page on facebook... etc. 


1-3 april 2016 - 3/3 second level ( massage )
Rachitele, Cluj

8-10 april - 1/3 first level Tantra course
use translator or call the contact nr for english

25-27 march 1/3 first level

Spain, Andalusia: 

There would be some two 9 days retreats in some time and as we moved here some single workshops in Orgiva. Keep the eyes and ears open ;)


Neo Tantric Massage weekend in Amsterdam
When: ~ from Friday 15.04.2016 19.00 till Sunday 17.04.2016 20.30
Where: Il Cielo Oostzaanstraat 46 Amsterdam

Tantra Movement Year Training: 
more details about year training you may find here: 
Il Cielo Oostzaanstraat 46  

After 5 weekends and us moving to Spain we decided with students to next weekends make by appointmentwhenever we could be around. You may still join us, just contact us about it

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