Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Three weeks tantric retreat in Maldives

Are you ready for this total transformation of your life ? During this time we go deep in to the connection, unconditional love, sacred sexuality, healing and all other aspects of tantra. This would be not only practice and theory but also living together, supporting each other, building friendships, who knows, probably for the life time. The program of retreat would be based on two of our courses and additional workshops.

On tantra course: http://tantramovement.blogspot.com.es/2015/04/course-for-all.html

and on tantra massage course: http://tantramovement.blogspot.com.es/2015/04/tantra-massage-course.html

Beside of that you may get the certificates of finishing first and second level in TMS. we plan to guide you in to adventure of your life, deepest healing and liberation on all levels ( body, heart, mind and spirit ) in all dimensions ready for you. You will discover further steps in to unconditional Love for yourself, partner, others, animals, nature and whole universe. Being one with yourself as with whole universe would no longer be a beautiful slogan but may become experience of your life.
You may learn how to energise your passion(s), How to change your positive dreams in to the reality of here and now.

Three Weeks Retreat is based on years of experience to get the best of us in most efficient but at the same moment, most save and comfortable way.
Our program may always EVOLve according to the energy and needs of the group. Also we plan breaks to recharge the energy, watching movies,excursions in to the nature, party etc.

Early Bird till 5th April
Single person 1782USD
Earl Bird Couple 3359 USD
After 5th April
Single person 1853
Couple 3485
You could transfer the amount to Michal Grygoruk NL92TRIO0390212989 in Triodos ethical bank.

Package Include:
Transfer & Return from Male' to Guest house
21 Nights Accommodations
3 vegan meals daily
water, juice and coffee available
All taxes included

Kuri Inn Omadhoo, Maldives

from 17 may till 6 june 2016

The main vision of School Of Tantra Movement is spreading love. It is most
important thing in our life and the biggest power in changing the world in to a better
place. For us Sacred Sexuality is most close, most intimate and most beautiful expression of love. Almost no one is teaching us about those important things. This gap in human education we would like to fill by establishing Tantra Movement School.
On our workshops we mainly work through experience, so don't worry if your mother tongue is different than our. You don't have to do anything what you're not ready for but is good that you come with attitude of openness for positive change in your life. It could manifest through healing, liberation, finding new ways of expressing unconditional Love, new relationship etc... depends from your intentions and your path to go... Whatever it is we guide you and support you on the way.

Michal Kali Griks

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