Wednesday, March 20, 2019

"How to make Yoni Massage Masterclass"

Hello Lovely People! Happy Equinox and Happy Full Moon!
Another practical video what no one dear to share. After "How to make Full Body Orgasm Massage Without Touching" and "How to make De-armouring Massage", now time for "How to make Yoni Massage Masterclass"
I wish with these videos, I inspire other teachers to share their wisdom. We are leaving in the times that tantra(not only) is urgently needed to create solutions what humanity is facing nowadays. Time to share Love Unconditionally not just in words but also in actions <3
Probably if I would be smart I could sell this video and pay my debts but I choose to be wise and share that Love Unconditionally because the Mother Earth, Womanhood, humanity needs solutions, healing, transformation like never before. This is more urgent than my personal wishes. Most of us living already in abundance. Let's share! I pray I wish, I choose that others will follow this example. 
Share when you care <3
Thanks in Advance
This is one of the greatest gifts that I may give to humanity. At this lecture, I will share my wisdom about the tantric yoni anatomy and I will explain how to give the yoni massage. 
Yoni and lingam massages are used in different ways in other types of tantric massage.
There many important reasons for massaging the genitals.
Thankful yoni and lingam massage you may explore much higher types of orgasm and ecstasy than typical peak orgasm, what you may compare as kindergarten to university 🙂
Besides being a great source of pleasure, yoni massage can be a great source of healing for a woman. There are many points where past memories are stored, along with emotional pain, conditioning, prejudices, anxieties, fears, anger, etc. Most of them are highly connected to our sexuality.
It's not commonly known that the yoni and lingam are the most reflexological active zones in the human body. By stimulating its different parts we are bringing health to all parts of the body.

This is why for me, one of the most important aspects of Neo Tantric Massage is to do it from the heart.
For those who like to go deeper and go for practice, we invite you for our course:
Connect, get informed, share Love and enjoy life <3
Michal Kali Griks

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