Monday, March 25, 2019

Tantric Love Masterclass Lecture

Another from the most beautiful gifts that I may give to humanity. At this lecture, I will share my wisdom about the tantric lovemaking and I will explain the differences, benefits foremost how to achieve it in good and not too difficult ways (It's not about positions - sorry :) )

I will cover such subjects as continence, sublimation what means moving energy to the higher chakras (energy centres), to the other aspects of our life like to self-esteem, Love, creativity, spirituality and other.

Thankful this wisdom and practice you not only will have more life energy passion and health. You may use your sacred (free from overtaking desires) sexual energy for healing, liberating, expanding in Love...

Thankful this practice you may explore much higher types of orgasms and ecstasy than in typical peak orgasm, what you may compare as kindergarten to university 🙂 You will transform minutes into hours what especially for the woman would be like magic.


After this special event, everyone can recharge at the restaurant afterwards with 20% discount.

With this event, we continue our regular lectures, workshops in Green Gallery.

There is no nakedness or physical touch involved in this lecture. To rest our minds a bit, we would do a few exercises what you may bring to your daily life and what would give great taste what we are heading to. When you would like to practice deeper, we invite you for our coming courses:  
The Journey to Love  and Intimacy Massage course starts with this lecture :)

Here is the video when I'm speaking about "Use it, Don't lose it" method, what would be included in the masterclass:  

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