Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tantra for all. What, how, where we are teaching ?

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Many people are asking us question : "What You are actually teaching". Mostly we answer with another question: "What are Your expectations ? "
Tantra is also about spontaneity, so we are. Usually at the first meeting we are trying to find out from You what You would like to learn. Why ? How ? What exactly etc. Then, when we know more less something, it is easier together with You to figure out the program, method, schedule, the way etc. what would work most efficient for You. We are all individuals, the situations are also different. Our scope of possibilities should expand to the situation and to the student(s) itself.
For the people who would like just to find out what tantra is and if it is something for them we have introduction lecture what may last from 45 minutes till three ha. Between theory about practise, we give small examples of simple, save exercises, what You can follow after alone or with Your partner. Everyone who would follow instructions just from this introduction may diametrically improve their life.
For those who would like to go deeper, we provide practical workshop what could be only one session or what could be also as a long, regular training. For the practical sessions we prefer to work with the couples, but don't worry if You are single. They're always someone who needs partner too. Especially within the spontaneous couples ( but not only ) we expect from people to learn to respect their own and their partners barriers and limitations. In this matched for purpose of the training couples, our goal is that even person who have lover, who do not attend to the lessons, would fill comfortable (and their lover either). Of course we don't mind ( we even like it ;) if people who are free after or during the training would form relationship. Best for us is to teach lovers couples from simple reason: where is love, energy flows freely end better and of course we can teach them more.
Whatever Your situation is, whatever are Your expectations, we will do our best to fit them and learn You better way of lo(/i)ving. You just have to make the first step.

Do not worry about the money. Even we value our teachings a lot we are thinking that tantric teachings should be available for everyone especially for those who needs it mostly or for those who are so busy with making good things that they do not have time to make money ( sounds familiar for us ;) We are so dedicated to spreading the knowledge of love that we resigned from our paid work with the hope that universe would take care for us. So if You like our ideas, our workshops improved Your life, health, relationship etc. by donating ( top window on right ) You would help us to survive or make our work more efficient. You can also help us in other way if You like...
Anyway happiness in Your eyes more love in Your life would be always the best payment for us :)

For those who needs more structure or concretes : All lessons we can teach in our home.
I'm in every monday (it use to be thursday) at 20.00 at the Valreep (Polderweg 120 Amsterdam) where I can give only introduction or if You're lucky also individual talk.
For those who fill better in their own surroundings we don't mind to give the lessons in their own homes.
We are open to teach in all circumstances. On festivals, events etc.We don't mind to be a part of dancing, alternative, spiritual, or/and ecologic events. We like travel as well.
Practical workshop, first lesson could be about two three ha.
Whole course takes 12 lessons with possibilities of repetitions or making the lessons longer if needed.
We are able also provide intense weekend with accommodation and delicious healthy organic raw food.
And as wee said we are flexible to Your expectations. Do not hesitate to contact/ask the questions and invite us !

With lots of Love

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