Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tantra for all.Lectures, workshops, course all for free donation.

Many of the tantric secrets were revealed in last century ...but still they're acceptable only for elites who can afford to pay for expensive course, lecture or workshop. We are trying break those limits and make possible to learn tantra for all people for free donation. We are trying to fit all expectations and find solutions for everything what would come on our way of teaching. Do not hesitate to contact/ask questions...

This is our donation tekst:
More happiness and love in Your live that's best payment what we can get.( so send as feed back !) ...but we still have to survive in this material world. Your gifts will help us to spend more time for spreading love. THANKS !!!
You can donate here
390212989 in Triodos - only one ethical dutch bank
or just click box on the right

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