Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lucid Love Tantra workshop reflection and why we need Tantra Movement

Last weekend i followed workshop from Roxana and  Vincent Hawett on Lucid Love Tantra module 1 : Energy & aliveness. It was 2 days 8 ha each working on ourselves. Three couples ( real couples where only teachers ) we went together in to the journey in to the depth of our own being. Roxana and Vincent created such atmosphere, such a safety that we all were able to open up, to express to dig in to our own harts and not only discover what's there but also share it and accept it. After few hours already we were able to tell to just introduced person things what we wouldn't tell to the close friends, things what we maybe first time took courage and braveness to face it.
Together we shared all emotions all feelings: sadness, anxiety, joy, fun, laughter,love...
We were really together. After the workshop i asked myself: Is that it ? I felt on some level connected very much with other participants and i felt that would be silly to loos that connection  I know that many of You after many different workshops ( it doesn't have to be only tantra ) feel the same...
That's why i think is good idea to build not only tantra relationships but also friendships, groups and movement. That's why Tantra Movement page is pretty good idea :)
On the end i would like again thank to Roxana and Vincent that they guided us through that great and important journey, that they created such a nice friendly and save atmosphere and also for understanding... and everything together.
If You ever have opportunity to participate in one of their workshop don't miss the chance. It can really help You to go in good direction
Vincent and Roxana

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