Monday, April 1, 2013

Indroduction to tantra lecture/workshop at ADM

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This Friday 5th april 16:00 until 19:00 at ADM Hornweg 6

I teach, how through improving Your love making,
You can improve Your health, relationship and all other aspects of life.
At the introduction to tantra between theory mainly about practice, I give small examples of simple, save exercises, what You can do at home with Your partner or without. Everyone who would follow instructions from this introduction may already diametrically improve her/his life.

Love is the most important thing for most of us.Sexual act should be most intimate,most close,most powerful expression of that feeling.

Through tantric activism (=doing "good") our lives will be much more happy and our way of loving stronger! And other way around : by bringing our love making to higher level, it will have a positive effect on our surroundings and eventually on the entire world.

This workshop is for couples, singles, everyone...
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