Saturday, August 31, 2013

Basic School Of Tantra. New Year, New Season begins 28.09.2013 !!!

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Let beautiful energy of love stream through us to You:

28.09.13 - Open night tantra party
30.09 - 11.10 - 10 days crash course
4.10 - 6.12 - 10 fridays course
Every last weekend of the month
- advanced course (for everyone)
(Private workshops possible also at Your home)

In at Meerhuizenplein 11 and Spaarndammerstraat 43

If love is the biggest power in the universe
If love-making is the most intimate and the most connecting expression of love
If we need the power of Love so much right now, like never before
It's time to bring love back to human education

That's what we are doing by establishing Basic School of Tantra and by teaching there.

We are tantric couple, who's destiny become to share tantra. We are not any gurus but just "normal" people like You. Through tantra, we recognised that our sexual powers are most efficient (for us) ways to improve our self esteem, physical and mental health, intimate relationship, love (also to Yourself), our energy and all other aspects of life... So this what we would like to share with You

Let Love energy overflow Your problems...
...and the problems of the world

Edyta Weber - therapist, body worker,tantrica...
and Michal Marek Griks - tantrik, Kundalini Yoga teacher...

Guest teachers are:
Marcia Sanders from Art Of Loving and Tantric Dance, yoga and tantra teacher,danser, tantrica
Colin Willby (UK) sexual Tao expert, publisher, author of books: "The Way of Good Sex' and 'The Peace Mandala'
Sanjay Vishwakarma - vedic scientist, astrologer, expert of classical tantra

Open Night Tantra party €10/single person €15/couple
The 10 workshops on basic tantra techniques will cost € 250
Single workshop € 40
9 advanced weekends € 800
Single weekend € 120
"The more you give, the more you get" So You are very welcome to pay more if You can afford that.
However, if the price is too much for You,contact us, and we will find a solution to make it affordable for you too.
Don't hesitate to ask the questions 0684955749 - Michal
More info, updates and details:

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