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Colin Willby in Basic School of Tantra

And this is sponanious interview made at Rainbow Gathering
Colin Willby is the proprietor of Peace Mandalas Publishing. His book, "The Way of Good Sex'(2011) is a manual for exploring the potential for natural contraception through muscular control, similar to Taoist ideas and yet based upon the precept that Yin is light and Yang is dark.

He also cracked the code of the megaliths, based on Pi at 3.1418282, after devoting 10,000 hours to researching John Michell's idea that the distance across Jerusalem's Old City can be measured in British Feet. His book 'The Peace Mandala' (2011) reviews that research. He is currently working on a version of the 'I Ching' with hexagram lines related to the days of the year and with new commentaries, varying from the standard ones found in other 'I Ching' editions. This will be available as a 2014 diary in September, 2013.
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Here You can read and download whole pdf of the summary ( fragment below )

Summary of the 'The Way of Good Sex', including upward orgasm and love muscles training
techniques by Colin and Leechan Willby.
Males and Female Love Muscles Training:
Begin by stopping your urinating in mid-flow to contact the love
muscle. At other times and without urination then hold this love muscle contracted for as long as you
can and then
relax it. Practice these contractions of the love muscle and also begin to contract surrounding muscle
s (buttock, groin,
anal, pelvic and especially abdominals as far as the navel) in sets of exercises. Relax all these love
muscles as you
breathe out and tighten them as you breathe in. The
re will be slight ballooning outwards of the area between the navel
and lower ribs as you breathe in. Make reminders to
do the exercises for at least 20 days. Aim at extending the time
that you can hold all of these love muscles locked
and the in-breath for up to 10 or 15 seconds.
Upward Orgasm for Males:
After 20 days of love muscles training then introduce masturbation. Use non-sexual
visualization and reduce any sexual imagery around
you. As you approach near to orgasm, take a sharp intake of
breath as you apply love muscles contraction locking. Also include continuous thumb and finger pressure
to the area
just below the head of the penis. Keep your mouth open and your tongue forward and down.
The key is not to go too close to orgasm when learning this new regime. Keep
still and hold your breath, along with this love muscles lock and
the finger and thumb pressure. At the same time mentally redirect sexual energy up the spine to the
back of the neck on the in breath. Once the orgasmic sensations have
faded (and with your mouth still open and tongue forward and down) then release all locks
and pressures and direct that pooled sexual energy from the neck to the storage place at
the top of head (when the chin is down and back). Imagine that energy now stored
between that cranium and the skin. If the sensations of approaching orgasm reoccur then
resume love muscles locking, hand pressure and the redirection of sexual energy.
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