Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tantra Full Moon Festival - Scorpio. 2nd may,saturday

[NEDERLANDS vertaling komt straks]
{Updates of the program would come soon}
With the Tantra Full Moon Festivals, we would like to celebrate the nature and empower ourselves. It's a chance to connect and to have fun - lots of fun :) To share and explore love. Come and join us. Together we are stronger (and it's always more fun).

Full Moon in Scorpio is a special time in which the great promises combine with the challenge of meeting with our own shadows. It is a good opportunity for our own therapeutic work. We can find the deeply hidden treasure, but in the end, we must plunge into what is the darkest in us and what we fear mostly. It is rewarding time for those who are bravely confronting with their own shadow and difficult for those who prefer to see the evil in others.
This Full Moon is encouraging to do powerful rituals and to attract unconditional love inside of us.
If you want to find your inner power, if you want to awaken your kundalini - this is the perfect time. Tantric practices at this time are especially recommended. Contact with the body and sexuality is the starting point for exploration of inner power. Essential is to bring awareness of what is happening deeper and do not to run away from unpleasant feelings in to superficial relief. Also tantra is not about loosing this precious inner power but tranfering it to higher energy, healing and ecstasy. Careful exploration of the realm can lead us to important discoveries showing us how we deal with sexual energy and how it translates into our lives.
We also will use this time for rituals to attract what we desire "for our highest good and for the good of all beings.". During the festival we will invite abundance, pleasure, passion, intimacy, ecstasy and healing.
Let the love flow unconditionally ♥

During the breaks raw, vegan, fair trade, organic and delicious food and drinks would be sold :)

Saturday 02.05.15, 17.30 ~ 23.30
WG-terrein, Ketelhuisplein 41 Amsterdam

Price is 25 E per person and 45 per couple
Don't hesitate to ask the questions mgriks@gmail.com ,
Sending email means confirming your reservation.

Let us know if you would like to join us as teacher.
If you would like to help us in other way - do not hesitate to contact us.

Full Moon Festival is a part of Tantric Empowering days, what is followed also by Connecting Sunday and day full of workshops. Check the details and updates on our page

You may check updates and invite your friends also here: https://www.facebook.com/events/444373365729229/

Michal Marek Griks

Click on picture above to get bigger view
Poster -> spread electronically to avoid use of paper :) -> just joking to motivate you to spread it through emails, face book etc. But plz. print it as well and hang somewhere in visible places. Maybe will stay longer and would memorize you beautiful moments.
Tantra would bring us to such good connection with nature and mother earth that we will save much more than this printed version :)

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