Thursday, May 1, 2014

Be the flow here and now

Be the flow. Do what you like to do, because you like it, because you desire that in this particular moment. Don't do it because you have to or suppose to do that or because this will bring you to something else. Feel this flow here and now. Let yourself to be carried by this. Here and now, in this moment and only for this moment. They're saying that you have to do something to be in balance, to achieve something, but inside of you, your body, your intuition knows very good what you need in this moment. Follow them, trust them. Let be carried your own moment, experience it in your own way. Here and now. How you like it and not how you have to . Nourish that. Liberate yourself even more. Begin to love yourself. More and more...
MichaƂ Marek Griks 6.4.14

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