Friday, May 30, 2014

Relationship Tantra Tuesday Workshop

"...and then they lived happily ever after"

Do you know many such a couples ? There is great love , marriage , common life .. living together , children, shopping ... with the time the energy that wound the relationship is escaping somewhere . At the beginning great sex becomes a routine ,then finally is almost disappearing.

How does it look like life of nowadays couple ? Usually busy , between work, home , taking care for children,  parents - they have no longer time for themselves . Contemporary couple is getting more similar to a company that the goal is to plan and maintain the existence on a decent level.

Where is this alchemy and this magical chemistry gone?

Like everything in nature, you need to cultivate love , systematically , with full mindfulness and you have to devote her time . To less romantic ?

How many times is it that lovers turn away from each other, their passion disappears, man usually runs away in to work, addictions, pornography and the  women 's are dedicated to the children or they indulge in fashion of shopping.

There's nobody's fault.

We do so as we were brought up , as we were taught . We also read a few books and watched a few movies , we heard some story about romantic love ...
The schools did not teach you how to develop a conscious relationship .

What is the continuation of a fairy tale ?

Do from your relationship a priority , plan a time together, a few hours a week just for yourself . You, your relationship and your family will only benefit from this.
Introduce into your life regular practice of tantric love.

You don't need to be a tantrik , you do not have fully commit to deep practice. Just a few tools what would make your love to become a meditation is enough.

Intimacy - that's what a woman needs to be ready for sex.
Hey Men - you can learn intimate communication with your lady when you only open your heart .
Unconditional love - will appear when you clear your heart and then you will see your partner as a god/goddess .
Sex - you can go beyond the vicious circle of seeking external stimuli to release in that way created energy. Sex on a deep energetic level is a prayer , is a deep meditation, is giving you tremendous energy , strengthens your relationship and is expanding your love , heals your presence, past and future and is raising your consciousness .
Hey Woman - you can open the way to his heart , when you teach him to talk about his feelings .

Tools what we are giving for your use to benefit your relationship are:
- Tantric communication
- Massage , caress - the tantric touch of unconditional love
- Meditation and breathing techniques
- Techniques for the transformation of sexual energy .

Tantra for couples –Tuesday 3th of june
Write this date(s) in your agenda for your relationship

Tuesday's 20.30 ~ 23.30 for couples or people who are willing to exercise together ( 3.6, 17.6,24.6,1.7, 8.7 )
WG-terrein, Ketelhuisplein 41 Amsterdam
45 Euro per person, 85 per couple for single workshop and only 210 for rest of the course for one person

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