Thursday, May 22, 2014

Full Presence. Tantric Infinity of Orgasm

It is this one moment. For that moment, try to focus on the full presence. In this moment. It is not a complicated technique. You don't need any methods. It's like threading a needle. That moment, when you hit eye of the needle with the thread. Full concentration. You don't need anything more. For a split of a second you are focused and fully present. There is only this eye of the needle and thread, which hits in to the eye. Full presence. That's why people desire so much orgasm. For split of a second they're the total presence. In Tantra, We extend, this presence indefinitely.

Therefore in Tantra, we use sexuality. There is the power of energy. This energy, We either attract or push away. Either, We are trying to release it or suppress it. But the point is to be fully present. Either not to push, either not to attract. For many of us this state of just being is a state unbearable. Because they're afraid of intimate relationship with the present moment
Edyta Baghira 5.5.14

A drop of water frozen by flash

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