Friday, May 23, 2014

Male and Female energy workshop for couples this Tuesday

Nowadays not so many people are aware that within us exist male and female energy. Doesn't matter what sex we are, from balance of those energies depends our health, our contentment, our happiness and fulfilment in our relationships.
At this workshop we would met our inner woman and man within us. We would recognise their energies. We would hear from them how is to live with us, what are their needs, what are concerns. How we can improve their (our) life...

Besides of that we would get to know differences between male and female bodies. We would learn how to approach them in the way, that beautiful sexual energy of love would flow freely, would not be forced or imposed on someone and would not be blocked by some wrong behaviour.

Tuesday's 20.30 ~ 23.30 for couples or people who are willing to exercise together ( 27.5, 3.6,17.6,24.6,1.7, 8.7 )
WG-terrein, Ketelhuisplein 41 Amsterdam
45 Euro per person, 85 per couple for single workshop and only 240 for rest of the course for one person

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