Thursday, May 16, 2013

Basic School of Tantra starts 25th of May! Update

Do you know already that love is the biggest power in the universe?
Do you know already that love-making is the most close,
the most intimate and the most connecting expression of love?
Do You feel that we need the power of Love
so much right now, like never before?
It's time that female and male energies will get truly united,
It's time to act
It's time to learn
It's time to love
Let Love energy overflow Your problems...
...and the problems of the world.

Why not to choose a better way ?
Come and learn basic tantra in 7 Saturdays!
Basic School of Tantra will start already 25th of May, 2013.
Workshops will be every Saturday from 11.00 am. until 15.00 pm.
at Overtoom 301 Amsterdam.
The 7 seminars on basic tantra techniques will cost € 120, 240 or 360 Euro
-> Varying prices to give all people with different living standards, equal access to our lessons .
However, if our smallest price is still too much for You,
contact me, and we will find a solution to make it affordable for you too.
->There is a possibility to attend single seminars, as well.
-> If You sign up before 25th of May You will get 10% discount

We are not only going to teach You
how to improve Your love making,
Moreover, we teach you in simple steps
how to improve Your physical and mental health,
intimate relationship and all other aspects of life.
Sign up quickly, because the amount of the places is limited. 0684955749 - Michal

Here You can pay for the course (write also confirmation by email)
390212989 in Triodos ethical bank

Here You can download pdf of the leaflets to print and help to spread them(THANKS):

Here is the FB event. Join, spread the message and invite Your friends. Together we are stronger :)

5000 flayers (most beautiful what i ever made) that's a lot to spread... Heavy work to do... But more hands make work lighter, so help me to spread them. You can get them at OT301 or mainly in the shops with organic food. Bring them to the places and people who i didn't reach yet. THANKS ! Together we can do much more :)

PS. This basic, intensive training program will give You a good preparation to apply
for the Rasayana Tantra Academy, if You would like to continue your professional career
as a tantra professional:

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