Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tantric Dance Demo

No words, no images, no movies can express fully the magic what happens always at Tantric Dance. Really beautiful experience. Thank You Rakesh and the Tantric Dance team for creating this wonderful experience. Especially its very, very nice way to introduce tantra to so many new people.... and those more experienced enjoy as well. Always looking forward to next one... this time in September. ... and today in Nijmegen by Nounya

Awaken you body, mind and spirit to become whole with existence and it live fully.
Company Overview
Tantric Dance is a play of the divine energy between masculine and feminine. Meditation while dancing, moving into the observer. The challenge to stay grounded and flow. To relax and gracefully let yourself be moved. Melting in movement, evoking Divine Energy within and beyond the body.
General information
The are 3 levels of workshops.

Level one is the basic introduction. Usually during special parties like Cosmic Sunday, Club Lite, One Love, World Dance and Eindhoven Danst. (±1,5 hour)
Registration at location

Level two has more meditative elements in them and emphasises on observing your feelings/patterns and finding your own inner strength. (3 hours)
Register at http://www.tantricdance.nl/

Level three is for those who can really dissolve during dancing. It has more surprising elements and there is room for experiment.

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