Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Introduction to Tantra + questions & answers about Basic school of Tantra. This Sunday at the Alchemist Garden.

Join the event, invite Friends, spread the message!

This Sunday 12.05.13 from 18.00 ~ 21.00 at
Overtoom 409, 1054 JP Amsterdam, Netherlands

Do you know already that love is the biggest power in the universe?
Do you know already that love-making is the most close,
the most intimate and the most connecting expression of love?
Do You feel that we need the power of Love
so much right now, like never before?

It's time that female and male energies will get truly united,
It's time to act
It's time to learn
It's time to love

Let energy of Love overflow Your problems...
...and the problems of the world.
Why not to choose (a better way)?...

...This is beginning of invitation not only for Basic School of Tantra but this time also for this Introduction to Tantra workshop.

This time between theory about practice, I give small examples of simple, save exercises, what You can follow after alone or with Your partner. Everyone who would follow instructions from this introduction may already diametrically improve her/his life.

I'm not only going to teach You how to improve Your love making, moreover, I will teach you in simple steps how to improve Your physical and mental health, intimate relationship and all other aspects of life.... and that's just beginning I will answer all questions about our new, big project: Basic School of Tantra...

More questions?


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